Plan A Cheap Escape

Summer’s right around the corner, so I’m sure you guys are in the midst of planning an overdue vacation but first; let’s do the math on all that needs to be taken care of before you head out. You’ve got your flight, hotel fees, luggage fees (crazy, right?), food, spending money and emergency cash, just in case. Depending on where you’re going, all your necessities should add up to around $1,000 plus, but don’t sweat it.


 I’ve done some research and found a number of transportation services that offer student discounts.

1. Amtrak  – Sign up for their Student Advantage Cardholder program and become eligible to receive a 10% discount on most adult rail fares. Earn Amtrak Guest Reward points as you go to be used for FREE travel.

2, Coach USA – Coach USA offers discounts on scheduled routes to college students with valid ID’s. Check out their website for a list of schools they service and the discounts available. Join their free V.I.P. Student Travel Club for further specials.

3. Greyhound – Not only does The Greyhound Student Advantage Discount Card offer a 15% discount off their bus fare, but it also provides exclusive discounts of up to 50% off at thousands of locations nationwide. This is probably the best bargain on the list, so be sure to visit the website.

4. Rail Europe – Backpacking through Europe this summer? Lucky! If you or anyone in your party is between the ages of 12 and 25, on the first date of travel, discounted rates are available for passes and tickets on some trains. Check out their site for a list of passes that offer youth discounts.

5. United Airlines– While United Airlines may not offer any special discounts for college students; the carrier’s College Plus program gives students enrolled in both the College Plus program and Mileage Plus frequent flier program a graduation present of 10,000 bonus miles. How cool?!

6. STA Travel – STA Travel claims to be the largest student travel agency, so you can only imagine how many affordable travel options they offer. Browse through their website with your roommates and book an end of the semester getaway.

For discounted plane tickets and other travel accommodations, visit these websites created exclusively for students.

This is all I could come up with for now but continue to do your research. Many transportation services offer hidden student discounts. If you aren’t sure whether or not a service offers a discount don’t be afraid to ask.

Safe travels!

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