9 Ways to Earn Money without Punching the Clock

It’s finally spring! Only a couple of more week’s until we can store away our bulky, winter attire and indulge in all the pretty pastels this season has to offer.

I’m sure we’re all ready for some outdoor fun but with the semester winding down you may have had to cut your hours to get some school work done. Don’t stress it. There are plenty of easy ways to earn cash without punching the clock.

1.Online Surveys

online survey

Most online surveys offer $3-$5 dollars for each survey completed. Doing this may not make you rich but think about it this way, if you take about 3-5 surveys you’ll have earned around $15 which is just enough money for a movie ticket or half off apps. Click here for a list of legitimate companies that will pay you for taking online surveys.

2.Research Testing

There are plenty of medical teams that offer the chance to help test a medicine or treatment to be sure that it’s safe for the general public. Most testing is done over an extended period of time and generally pay around $100, which is good money. Many medical studies looking for participants will advertise in college newspapers because they know most college students are eager to make money, so be sure to pick up a copy of your school’s current edition.

3.Trade in Old Electronics for Cash

Back up all your contacts, photos and videos from your old phone and trade them in for some cash. The amount of money you receive will depend on your phone’s condition and current value. Head to your local mall where there are usually drop boxes that will give you an automatic quote or check out Amazon where you can trade in almost anything for an Amazon gift card.

4. Sell Old Jewelry


Those 80’s doorknocker earrings you have will probably never be back in style, so sell those along with the other pieces you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing.

5. Create and Sell D.I.Y Crafts


Are you an art major? If so, why not sell some of your pieces? Etsy is a great website for selling your crafts. Download Pintrest for some inspiration on cute jewelry or decorative items that can you start making and selling to others.

 6. Become a Freelance Writer or Ghost Blogger

If you have a niche for creative writing you’re in luck. There are plenty of blogging and content curating opportunities for freelancers on job.problogger.net where you can earn around $20-$30 per post.



We’ve all got our areas of expertise. Spread your knowledge by conducting 1 hour writing, math or science tutoring sessions on campus. There’s no better feeling than helping your peers while getting paid.

8. Organize a Yard Sale

Get started on your spring cleaning and sell things that you no longer want at a yard sale. Advertise the sale by posting up flyers throughout your neighborhood and be sure to post pictures on social media during the actual event for some extra publicity.

9. Babysit, Housesit or Dog walk

If you’re a kid or animal lover and hanging out at the park or going for a stroll doesn’t feel like work then this is the perfect job for you. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog or create a nanny profile on care.com.

Enjoy the first Sunday of spring ❤

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