7 Signs that You’re Addicted to Shopping

Some of us watch waaay too much Netflix or spend too much time on Instagram, but considering that a Netflix account is only $7 per month and that social media is free society doesn’t really categorize these over-indulgences as a problem . However, the term shopaholic is a sugar coated version of compulsive buying disorder which is a rising issue amongst Americans.

Do you often shop till you drop? It may be a problem if you identify with these 7 signs.

1.You constantly shuffle threw unopened or tagged items in your closet. We all have those couple of items hanging up in our closet that have never seen the light of day either because their out of style or you just haven’t had the opportunity to wear them. However, if you have an influx of tagged items (ex. 20 plus) then you might want to evaluate your spending habits.

2. You try to hide your purchases from loved ones. This is probably the most significant sign of them all. If you constantly find yourself stashing new purchases at your bestie’s house or transferring your H&M items into a Walgreens bag, so your parents won’t notice, then you my friend have a serious problem.

3. You get a high off of purchases. It’s perfectly normal to feel a rush after a great workout or downing that cup of coffee after a stressful morning commute, but if you feel a crazy rush of adrenaline after buying 12 new pairs of Old Navy flip flops (on dollar day) then it’s a sign of addiction.

4. You shop when you feel angry or depressed. It’s okay to treat yourself to a new watch after a long semester, but if you find your self splurging after every argument with your boyfriend then something needs to change. Your problems aren’t going to magically disappear after you purchase, so seek other alternatives to de-stress.

5. You feel guilty after purchases. Buyer’s remorse is the sense of regret after having made a large purchase. It’s common to feel this way after investing in essential items such a house or a new car, but if you feel this guilt after overspending on unnecessary items you should take it as a sign of a bigger issue.

6. Your email account is filled with weekly subscriptions from department stores. I’m so guilty of this. If you can’t check your email without scrolling through an infinite amount of sale promotions from your favorite stores hit unsubscribe. It’s a trap.

7. Majority of your paycheck goes toward credit card bills for department stores.  Although this is a great way to build your credit, you shouldn’t be putting more towards your Macy’s bill than your rent. If you can’t resist the urge to swipe when you’re out and about, leave your card at home.

Do you fall into any of these categories? If so, seek help as compulsive spending is a common problem. If something like therapy is out your price range ask a friend or family member to keep you in check while shopping.

Happy Sunday.

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