Keep Your Finances in ‘Mint’ Condition

A couple of weeks ago I was recommended to download a free personal finance app, called Mint. Although I haven’t started using it I’ve done some research and it seems like an effortless way to stay on budget. Here’s a list of Mint’s most useful features. Manage Your Finances from One Location – Throw away that old notebook with jots of your monthly expenses. This app allows you to transfer all your accounts information to one source. In order to do this, simply enter your log in information, for say for Wells Fargo, and on a nightly basis the app will download that data. Every time you open the app your financial data will automatically update. mintaccounts Budgeting & Tracking Expenses – After syncing all your accounts they will automatically be categorized (ex. Verizon – Cellular). Once that’s done you can set up limits for how much you want to spend on each category per month. This feature gives you a bird’s eye view of your spending habits and can help you figure out what you may need to cut back on. You can make adjustments to your budgets as you please. mintbudget Set Up Goals – Another cool feature of this app is its ability to help you achieve financial goals. Creating small goals, such as financing your laptop or more prominent one’s like paying off your car note or students loans, are easily doable with this app. An evaluation of your goal will reflect in your monthly budget. Alerts – This is probably the most powerful feature of the app. You can get alerts when a certain bill is due, for late fees or if you over budget on a category/large purchases. Access these alerts via the app or receive them in the form of a text message.

This app gets my approval. Know of any other free apps that help you budget? Feel free to comment.

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