10 Ways to Save Money as a College Commuter


By choosing to commute you’ve already saved a bundle. Maximize your savings with these tips.

1. Pack Your Meals

Those 3 hour gaps between classes are torture, so you’re most likely going to want to indulge in all that your student center has to offer. FYI, a bagel in the morning, Burger King for lunch and a bag of Chex Mix to get you through your night class twice a week WILL add up. Pack your meals the night before instead. You’ll wallet will thank you later.

2. Carpool

Do you and your two other commuter friends get stuck in that 3 p.m. class? Make a trip out of it. If you guys all drive and live within close distance to each other why spend the extra money on gas? Alternate who drives each week to save a couple bucks.

3. Take Public Transportation

Having a car isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Insurance, gas and maintenance fees can be a real pain. If I could go back in time I would have definitely waited to invest in a car and instead opted for a bus pass. Most transportation services offer discounts for college students. If you live in the NJ area, click here.

4. Plan Your Classes Accordingly

It’s ideal to only have to commute to school once per day. Therefore, try to get schedule your classes back to back or at least on the same week days so that you’re not wasting gas. Make things even more convenient by signing up for an online class.

5. Use Your Student ID off Campus

There are an endless number of perks to being a college student. Presenting your student ID can grant you discounts on movie tickets, computers and even air fare. Stay tuned for a post on this topic!

6. Sign Up for Reward Programs

I’m not a huge fan of my school’s coffee so you can catch me online at the nearest Dunkin’ Donut just about every day; however, I play it smart by utilizing their DD Perks program. There’s a reward program for just about everything these days so do some research.

7. Cancel Your Gym Membership

Once you’ve officially enrolled in the college of your choosing it’s important to utilize as many on campus resources as you can. Why pay a monthly gym membership when your school offers the same equipment? Gymnasium fees are included in your tuition anyways, so you might as well take advantage.

8. Apply for an On Campus Job

There are plenty of on campus job opportunities that can prepare you for your aspired career. If you’re an athletic training major apply for the job at the gym. Interested in computer science? Become a computer lab technician. What’s more convenient then traveling to one destination to get an education and earn some extra cash?

9. Participate in Campus Activities

Instead of planning that weekend trip to Six Flags with your friends from back home, try to tag along with the school. Every college has a campus activity board that plans events and activities at discounted rates for students and guests, so make the most out of it!

10. Join the Commuter Club Thanks to my university’s commuter club, I was able to take 3 day voyage to Montreal for only $100transportation and hotel fees included. Joining the commuter club is an awesome way to make friends and stay up to date with on and off campus happenings.

You see? The struggle isn’t always real for commuters. Enjoy your Sunday!

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