Top 5 Inexpensive V-Day Gifts for Him

Whoever said love doesn’t cost a thing must have never had a Valentine, and with the way our bank accounts are set up after the holidays it’s hard to find a nice gift for your lover without spending tons.  Instead of blowing your paycheck this Valentine’s Day, keep it simple, yet meaningful, with these 5 reasonably priced gifts.

1. Matching Phone Cases

New phones can cost some serious cash, especially if your contract isn’t up. Instead of going broke buying your hubby that iPhone 6, why don’t you invest in a pair of these super cute matching phone cases? has a ton of customizable options starting at only 14 bucks.

caitlin and jake

2. A Scrapbook (or Collage) of Your Favorite Moments  

This is my personal favorite. How many times have you wanted to look back at old pictures but couldn’t because you either lost your phone, accidentally deleted all your pictures or your computer just suddenly crashed? And how many of us really back up our phones?

With that being said (while you still can) save a bunch a memorable pictures of you and your partner on a flash drive and print them out at your local convenience store. Scrapbooks and collage frames are sold just about everywhere but check out Kohl’s and TJ Maxx. They have an assortment of frames and albums starting at about 20 bucks.


3. Anniversary Bracelets

My boyfriend got us a pair of these bracelets as a souvenir from Disney! This is the perfect alternative for fancy jewelry that you’d only want to wear for special occasions. These bracelets can be worn daily and serve as a cute reminder of the day you and partner made things official. Also, the leather material makes them durable, so they’ll last for years. Find them at your local mall, on one of the kiosks. They’re usually sold for around 15 bucks each.


4. Search for True Love – Personalized Mouse Pad

Okay so this one may be a bit cheesy but I thought it was something different. For only $9.95, this adorable mouse pad hosts 6 photos of you and partner as a result for the search of ‘true love’ on Google. This is the perfect gift for at home or in the office. You can even customize your own text!


5. Sports Collectibles

Every guy loves sports, so anything with their favorite team’s logo on it is the way to their heart!  Since authentic sports jerseys and team sneakers can be pricey, instead, head to the mall and pick up random collectibles. I was low on cash last Christmas and since my boyfriend is obsessed with the Patriots, I opted out of getting him a team jersey and instead a pair of Patriot themed headphones, socks, pens and a clock. He was thrilled and I paid under 70 dollars for all items.


Happy Shopping!

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