*PAUSE* What is life ? -_-


Or should I say paws.😉

So it’s finally that time of the year for me. The 5 week count down until the end of the semester is in full effect! As happy as I am that this semester from hell is coming to a quick end, I was pretty bummed that I had to voluntarily put in a request for my supervisor to cut my hours at work. The semester is just too overwhelming at this point and work just has to be put to the side for now.

Cut hours means that I’ll be even broker than usual for the next month & with the weather finally starting to warm up I’ve been longing for a spring themed mani/pedi to revive me from this end of the semester funk. But of course my uncle’s dog (in the picture above) is more financially stable than I am … TALK ABOUT EMBARASSING.

Speaking of nails and that fact that I’m on an even tighter budget these days, I decided to do some research on DIY nail tutorials that are simple and guarantee you that fresh ,out of the salon, look for FREE.

Here’s a list of my top 5 personal favorites!

How To: One Step Ombre Nails

Toothpick Nail Art

DIY Leather Nails Effect

Easy Candy Sprinkle Nails

Easy Nail Art For Beginners

  Good luck with the remainder of the semester ladies! We got this!

4 thoughts on “*PAUSE* What is life ? -_-

  1. I know what you mean!! This semester was supposed to be the “breeze” for me but it is turning out to be like yours… HELL!!! I thought doing my internship would be easy sailing but geesh, I can’t even get a call back ..AND I AM OFFERING TO WORK FOR FREE!!! smh!

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