You Had Me At … PINOT!


So it’s St. Patrick’s Day and some of you are probably already too drunk to read this post which is AWESOME! Today is also my first day of spring break so I decided to actually sleep in and being that I’m only 20 you won’t catch me at the bar contributing to all of the bright green festivities going on tonight,which honestly SUCKS.

Anyways- with that being said ,as you can see from this posts title, I’m a wine girl. Yes I eat, sleep and breathe ANY type of wine but I’ll take a glass of white over red any day. This post was originally going to be centered on lavishly priced drinks but researching all of those tempting drinks was just making envious of everyone who’s legally allowed to indulge in them LOL.

So instead I did some research and found a blog similar to mine called The Broke Babe. Her post titled “Wine Not Whine, Top 10 White Under $20,” lists a number of white wines that I love! They’re all perfect if you’re hosting a girls night later on, and won’t break your bank!

Happy drinking everyone and stay safe!

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