Affordable Alternatives to the MK Watch

So even though I don’t really consider myself a fashonista, I’m guilty of falling for the classic Michael Kors watch. Thankfully it was one of my HS graduation gifts so I didn’t have to spend about 200$ which is the average price for one of those bad boys – or should I say girls. Well both because they have a men’s collection as well. ANYWAYS, I know these watches are totally out of the college girl’s tight budget so here’s a list of other brands that’ll get you that trendy watch for 135$ or less!

1.)    Fossil


I was never really into Fossil until I saw one of my friends rocking one of their sleek designs. After viewing their online collection, this rose gold beauty with its teal face caught my eye at only $135.

2.)    Guess


I’ve always been a fan of Guess, but for some reason I’ve always been more interested in their handbag/wallet collection. Maybe I’ll consider buying one of their watches after viewing this classic silver tone, on their website, for only $115.00.

3.)    Relic


This is one of my very own pieces ❤ I got it one day while miserably tagging along with my mother on her annual JCPennys spring haul. The lady at the Sephora stand within the store was sporting it when my mother literally stalked her life trying to figure out where she got it. Just so happens it was available at JCPennys.  Once I found out that this watch was only $25.00, I just had to purchase it!

4.)    Betsey Johnson


This is another one of my babies that I bought from JCPennys. It was the summer time and I wanted something light and simple. I probably had about 95 bucks in my bank account at the time of this purchase but I just couldn’t resist! It only cost me $32.00!

5.)    American Eagle


Lastly is AE. I know what your thinking, “Ew, I could never.” But their mixed metal bracelet is perfect for a chill day when you’re not trying to impress others LOL. Hey, I’d consider it! It’s only $19.99.


Well that’s about it ladies. I hope this post has given you some options as you contemplate what brand watch you want to purchase for the spring season! If you’re not too crazy over the list that I’ve provided take a look as this YouTube video for some other alternatives.

Have a great Sunday.

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