Okay so I don’t know if you guys will consider this a sale but bare with me.

So as I strolled into Dunkin Donuts today ,as I do pretty much every day before work, I noticed a stack of pamphlets next to the cashier as I awaited my medium, french vanilla, iced coffee (light and sweet with extra whipped cream <3). After reading its contents I tImagehought, THERE IS A GOD.

If you aren’t already a member of Dunkin’ Donuts rewards program,get on this! It’s a relatively new program that guarantees a FREE medium beverage once joining, which is also free by the way. Aside from your free beverage you also get a freebie on your birthday and every time you reach 200 points (you get five points for every dollar you spend when you present the card).

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, if you’re an avid coffee drinker you’re probably spending more than you’d like on it. So, sign up for the program and save a small percentage on your annual budget.

Make sure to check your local Dunkin’ Donuts for the same pamphlet shown above. Oh and for all of you that are team Starbucks they also have a rewards program as well, but as they say … #friendsdontletfriendsdrinkstarbucks. Haha, have a great night.

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