Welcome Aboard!


Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. I’ll start off by giving you guys a little info as to who I am. To start off my name is Diamond (that’s me in the picture). I was born in Virginia Beach but raised in a small town in New Jersey, so I consider myself a Jersey girl. I’m a very laid back individual, and I work very hard towards securing my future. Oh, I’m twenty years old by the way which means that I’m in the midst of my college career. I’m a current junior who is being pulled in all sort of directions. That includes maintaining school, work, extra curriculars, and what’s left of my dwindling social life -_-.

All is going well, but of course with college expenses on top of other bills and the fact that I barely have time to work my financial situation struggles every now and then. Thankfully I’m smart with my money and I work with the little that I have, which is why I created this blog.

Yeah, this blog is titled “From Rags to Designer Handbags,” but it’s so much more then trying to get that new MK bag without going broke. This blog is aimed towards determined college women who make their educational expenses a priority, yet still feel the need to splurge every now and then which is possible! This blog is not only a display of my personal experiences in handling money, but it’s also set to promote responsible money saving habits before entering the work force.

Now that I’ve lectured you all to death, I really hope you enjoy this blog and that it aids in some aspect of your everyday finances 🙂

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